A Brief Guide for new Horse Racing Bettors

Horse racing is highly unique compared to other types of sports betting for a variety of reasons.  For one, communication with the competition prior to the race is not permitted.  There is no way to determine how the competition feels or what type of pre-match strategy is in play.  Yet there are some things horse bettors can do to maximize their chances of victory.   The proper horse racing strategy for beginning bettors helps gamblers start with success and sidestep the common growing pains experienced by “newbie” bettors.  Let’s take a look at some tips for horse bettors that will help those new to the industry win across posterity.  The operative word in the previous sentence is posterity, meaning horse bettors should take a long-term view as opposed to assuming the first race or two is all that matters.

Study Up!

The most important aspect of horse race betting is to closely analyze the data.  Though there is plenty of information available, you should not be paralyzed by the sheer volume of data.  Parse through this information, highlight what is most important and use it in a strategic manner.  It will take some time to get a sense of what information is most important and which sources are trustworthy.  Ideally, you will use your track observations in addition to the data you have collected to make prudent bets.  The moral of this story is it is a mistake to jump right into “betting the ponies” as industry insider like to say.

Instead of placing one or several bets during your first visit to the track, watch an entire day of races without any money on the line.  Analyze the races and winners to identify strengths, weaknesses, advantages and other idiosyncrasies.  Do your homework to determine the impact jockeys, trainers and even the animal’s bloodlines had on racing success.  Once you have a feel for the track and horse racing as a whole, you will feel more comfortable placing wagers.

The day will eventually come when you understand which horse racing information is most important.  By this point, you will likely understand some of the industry’s nuances including horse racing gambling strategies.  You are now prepared to test your findings by gambling on horse races.  Avoid the temptation to place a bet on a hunch.  Do not put your hard-earned money at risk unless you believe the data, conditions and other factors are in the horse’s favor.

Perform Ongoing Evaluations

The best horse racing bettors in the world are well aware of the fact that the initial data analysis is usually insufficient.  Information evaluation is an ongoing process that never ends.  This process must be ongoing with numerous adjustments made along the way.  As time progresses, you will understand specific information that should be prioritized.  Continue to update your information and you will gradually improve your horse race wagering strategies in due time.

The specific ongoing adjustments to horse racing gambling strategies differ by each unique gambler.  Most horse racing gamblers perform continuous adjustments of the weights applied to each piece of data used for analysis.  Some factors are prioritized over others.  In certain cases, some factors can be completely eliminated.  Furthermore, if you notice a new trend on the rise, continue to add additional pieces to the horse race wagering puzzle in your quest to create the perfect system.

The best horse racing gamblers are willing to be intellectually flexible.  Though you might have enjoyed the work required to come up with your initial horse racing betting strategies, adhering to this methodology without considering other options will come back to bite you in due time.  If you are willing to make frequent adjustments to your betting strategy, you will stay in sync with the industry and ultimately make that much more money.

Successful Horse Racing Gamblers Have a System

Once you have the data sets you desire for horse racing gambling analysis, it is imperative you come up with a horse racing wagering system.  This system takes the data currently available and applies it to shed light on scenarios in which there is a blatant advantage to wagering on a specific horse.  If you do not create a system, you will never become a consistently successful horse racing gambler.

Sadly, plenty of horse racing wagerers place their bets on a gut feeling or hunch. Some rely on small amounts of data.  Each of these approaches is highly flawed.  Create a betting system and you will force yourself to strictly bet when there is a blatant advantage.  A system combines pre-race data with trends identified after the race to pinpoint highly favorable situations for wagering.  As an example, some horse racing gambling enthusiasts devise systems that identify opportunities for value in horses returning from layoffs, horses of specific ages and an array of other factors the majority of bettors ignore.

Do not plunk down hundreds or thousands of dollars at the betting window after creating your first racing gambling system. Test the system before betting a single dollar.  Evaluate the system after several races, make the appropriate adjustments and transition to actual betting.  Continue to perform ongoing evaluations of your system, optimize it as time progresses and you will be on your way to becoming a successful horse racing gambler.

Put in the Work and You Really can win Money Betting the Ponies

Though no horse racing wager is certain to win, it is impossible to make money unless you are willing to put something on the line.  If you are willing to sift through the data, create a system and modify it appropriately, you stand a much better chance of winning than the rest of the gambling crowd.  Though there is no fault in not making a betting system, you are much less likely to win big money as a recreational gambler.  This is not to say you have to become a horse gambling aficionado; rather, take advantage of the available information and implement a data-based strategy.

Horse racing betting is not easy yet it is even more difficult when gamblers fail to use the data that is in front of them to make sound decisions. Though some of those new to horse racing gambling might be intimidated by the thought of doing research and coming up with betting systems that give them the best chance to win, a system is essential to success.  Bettors who use a system tend to make significantly more money than those who lack a system. There is nothing at all wrong with failing to make a betting system and playing in a recreational fashion yet there are countless sources of information available to support a data-based strategy for beginners.  Your wagers have the potential to become more of educated investments rather than gambles if you are willing to put in the work.

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