A Beginner’s Guide to Horse Racing

Are you planning to spend the day watching Richard Schibell Racing and maybe place a bet? If you are looking forward to making money on the race, you must know how horse racing works and how to place your wager. If you are still new to this game, here are some things to remember so that you will have a successful day.

Buy a program and a racing form.

Richard Schibell, the owner of the Richard Schibell Racing, prints the program and form for people to buy. The program and the racing form are excellent sources of betting information. You will see the schedule of the horses, the jockey that will ride them, and the morning line odds, a prediction on which horse will get the most number of bettors.  Most people refer to the odds when making their bets.

Choose your seat.

If you want to have an excellent view of the race, Richard Schibell has provided comfortable seats for a fee. You can sit in the clubhouse,  in the box seat or in the reserved area.

Check out the horses.

After you have studied the program and the racing form, you might want to see the horses at the Paddock, where the saddles are placed on the horses and where they are made to walk around the ring. Choose a horse that looks alert but calm, has a shiny coat, and appears ready to run. Avoid one that is sweating if you want to win.

Richard Schibell Racing

Once you have decided on a horse, it is time to place your bet.

In horse racing, you are not trying to beat the house, but the other bettors around you. Your winnings will come from the pooled wagers on your horse. The management has nothing to lose when you win so that you have a bigger chance of winning than when gambling on a casino. When placing your wager on the window, tell the clerk the name of the track, the amount of your bet, the type of bet, and the number of the horse that you are betting. There are several types of bets at Richard Schibell Racing. For a beginner like you, “Win” is the easiest to understand because you win when the horse that you bet on reaches the finish line first. You can also bet on “Place” or “Show”. “Place” means that you win when your horse finishes first or second while “show” means that you win when your horse finishes first, second, or third place.

Watch the Tote Board.

The Tote Board displays important information about the race such as the odds of each horse for win, place, or show. You will see on the board the race number, pool total or total bets, and the results.

Remember these guidelines and enjoy your first day at Richard Schibell Racing. The next time you come, you will already know where to sit, where to see the horses, and where and how to place your bet.